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Substitute & Absence Management Solutions for Education from CORE

For those in educational fields, especially K-12 organizations, we offer a robust Substitute & Absence Management System.

Schools are under tremendous budget pressure and superintendants and treasurers need to find new efficiencies, and teacher and staff absences are a constant challenge for most districts.

Why do school districts choose CORE Employment Store for their Substitute & Absence Management needs? 

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Value
  • Live Customer Assigned Team
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities

It begins with targeted recruiting, screened candidates, credential checking and interviews. When a teacher or staff member calls in absent, our 24/7 Internet and phone-based scheduling system is activated.  Prequalified subs are notified by a live customer service representative and the opening is typically filled within minutes.

Multiple Benefits for Your School

  • No time spent interviewing potential substitutes
  • No evenings or mornings making phone calls
  • No pulling teachers from planning sessions to cover a class

Our system generates robust, meaningful reports that we use to work collaboratively with you to:

  • Help spot trends
  • Help you manage more effectively and efficiently
  • Help reduce paperwork
  • Ensure accuracy
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