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How CORE Delivers More

Human capital is the most important part of any successful organization.  The people that work for you, the people that are going to be working for, you are the people that are going to drive the results of your organization.

CORE Employment Store is a leading provider of staffing services in the Education, Technical and General Office markets.  With offices across the country we are able to service your location effectively and efficiently.

We have helped more than 1,000 organizations recruit, screen, and retain talent, working with organizations from Fortune 500 corporations to small, family-owned businesses.

Almost every department of a company or educational institution and every size company can utilize CORE Employment Store solutions. Our team of staffing professionals has a deep understanding of each market we support.  Our industry leading candidate searching resources and management tools along with an extremely large social network allow us to identify quality candidates for almost any position.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the personal attention we give to each client and applicant. We don't stop at interviewing, reference checking, and skill testing our applicants…we go one step beyond our competitors and seek applicants that we believe would excel in the corporate culture of each client. We strongly believe that the "fit and feel" of an applicant is more than 50% of the recruitment process. It is this commitment to learning about our clients and applicants that is the secret to our extremely high customer satisfaction ratings.

8 Key Reasons Why Customers Choose CORE and Love What We Deliver

  1. They need talented extra staff but don’t have the budget to hire fulltime at present
  2. They require expertise in areas that current staff members don’t possess
  3. They experience seasonal workload spikes and need additional “flexible staff” to handle demands
  4. They believe they are spending too much time interviewing candidates and falling behind in our key areas of their business/organization
  5. They appreciate our thorough vetting process including background checks and other security precautions
  6. They value our amazingly diverse, knowledgeable, and experienced candidates
  7. They like how we work within their budgets and time frames
  8. They know we have the ability to recruit top talent for hard-to-fill positions

Our Values and Mission

CORE Employment Store believes in three fundamental values, which are embraced by all CORE operating units as essential to quality productivity and success –
1. RESPECT: Respect every individual as the cornerstone of good business
2. EXPECT: Expect to deliver the very best and thus create a fair account
3. DELIGHT: Delight in one’s efforts and so in turn, delight one's customer

CORE Employment Store’s ultimate mission is to be the global leader in staffing, providing the best of breed end-to-end solutions – the highest quality customer service for each and every customer we come in contact with.